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TheProflow DST offers all the features of the Proflow DS with the added flexibility of tracks. This means can relocate in an instant to any location on your site to ensure there is minimal downtime for new setups.


Machine Features Include:

Manual remote greasing on all components proflow-dst-flier
110mm wide heavy duty variable speed feeder conveyor
Unique vibration on each deck creates better throw to eliminate screen plugging and blockages
Optional tension deck to separate heavy sticky material
3’ x 5’ Top deck scalping screen steel mesh with hexagonal apertures
16’ x 5’ Bottom flip flop screen VULKOLLAN mats
Oversize conveyors, fine transfer & stockpile conveyor along with middle grade discharge conveyor
Air displacement unit with fully adjustable separation drum
Drum separation contains both heavies stockpile conveyor & lights discharge conveyor
Air knife with variable speed fan
Cyclonic air chamber to allow for better separation of materials in suspension

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